The Science of Growing Under Glass

By 26th august 2022Blog
Photo of Alitex Greenhouse

When it comes to maximising your growing abilities, a greenhouse is a must-have. It will take your garden from a lowly cabbage patch to a potting paradise. But how do greenhouse’s actually work? We’ve broken down the How’s What’s and Why’s of growing under glass.

How do greenhouses work?

Photo of Alitex Greenhouse interior

To grow successfully, your plants need five key elements: water, light, humidity, nutrients and a consistent temperature. Growing in a greenhouse provides the perfect environment without the risks of the great outdoors.

The glass of a greenhouse allows your plants to get enough sunlight for higher photosynthesis levels. Year-round humidity is also achieved when the sunlight hits the glass and the light is transformed into heat, keeping your plants safe from any surprise frost.

Vulnerable seedlings and fragile plants will be kept away from strong winds and pests when placed in a greenhouse. You’ll be happy to know your runner beans will not be taken by a storm or your strawberries are safe from hungry deer.

Both water and soil provide key nutrients for your plants. With a greenhouse, you have complete control of how much water your plants receive – making it much easier to grow edibles that require different levels of moisture or maybe require higher levels of potassium or nitrogen.

What edibles are best to grow in your greenhouse?

When it comes to growing edibles, there are very few that would prefer to be outside. Extra light from the glass will make your aubergines taster, meanwhile your runner beans have a better chance of surviving when protected from strong winds.

Tomatoes become far tastier when grown at home so if you’re planning to grow them this year, doing so under glass will yield a juicier, more red harvest. Our top tip for growing cordon tomatoes is to make sure to pinch out the side shoots to encourage them to grow tall, and to make sure you’ve got some bamboo or a cane for support. Try greenhouse loving Reduna tomatoes, perfect for cooking.

Why should you start growing in a greenhouse?

Inside of an Alitex greenhouse with various tropical looking plants and pots on benching

Growing under glass will extend the amount of time you have to sow and harvest your edibles. Optional growing lights can also allow you to optimize your growing abilities and extend your growing season too. This allows you to start growing tomatoes, aubergine and courgettes weeks in advance, providing a longer harvesting period.
Do you have a plant on your growing bucket-list? Have you always wanted to grow orchids or maybe an avocado tree? Then investing in a greenhouse will let you get these tricky plants from the wish-list to reality. Rekvirér en brochure here to start your growing journey.