Dining Under Glass

By 11th september 2020Blog
Tables set up in greenhouse central area

Dining under glass

Fall is coming and the colours on the leaves, flowers and our vegetables are turning and becoming more vibrant. Red and orange tones dominate the fall landscape and dewy spider webs indicate the colder weather is setting in.

Whilst the evenings are becoming cooler, you can still enjoy your greenhouse throughout the season. Extend the time you can spend in your structure with lighting and small fan heater so that you could have your evening meals whilst watching the sun set.

We are also in the middle of the harvest months for a lot of our edible produce; ripened tomatoes, cucumbers and fragrant herbs are ready to be used in the kitchen.

‘Invite friends and family over for an evening of entertainment under glass – share your dinner in your beautiful Alitex greenhouse and let them experience a traditional Victorian glasshouse by candle light. Sample home cooked dishes which use the vegetables and fresh fruits in the very place you grew them. A night to remember!’