Greenhouse Interior Details

By 7th december 2020Blog
Full set of white greenhouse benching

Whilst an impressive structure externally, an Alitex Greenhouse has wonderful and intricate details inside that really make it special.


Inside all of our structures are decorative Alitex spandrels and these are located where the roof meets the structure. These spandrels not only complete the traditional aesthetic of our greenhouses but they are integral parts of the structural support.


Our manual vents along the side of our greenhouses are operated by a large lever handle and have been designed and crafted to replicate the beautiful Victorian Link and Lever systems used historically. Secure the window at the desired level using the pin. The low level positioning of our vents allows air to enter at plant level and in partnership with the roof ventilation system, creates a chimney effect; this provides effective temperature control in your greenhouse, allowing your plants to thrive.


Alitex solid aluminum benching increases your growing space, allowing you to have more floor space available for accessories such as a table and chairs.

Our benching is fitted with corrugated steel in its base and then filled with hydroleca on top, this allows free draining so you do not have to worry about your plants sitting in stagnant water. The hydroleca is made of a porous substance and retains moisture from your watering, helping your plants during the hotter months.

From tiered shelving, high- level shelves and strawberry boards, there are a variety of options depending on what you wish to grow and the availability of space.


Alitex Edwards Heater presented between flower and next to cast iron floor gridsAlitex greenhouses can be used all year round. During the colder months you may wish to have some form of heating inside your greenhouse to keep those plants happy. At Alitex, we work closely with heating experts from Harrier Garden Developments to supply the correct solution for your needs. Whether you need a small fan heater or built in heating for those larger structures, we are able to provide heating that is in keeping with the Victorian aesthetic of our greenhouses.

With a well-designed interior space, you can enjoy growing and relaxing in your greenhouse all year round. We are particularly excited to spend Christmas eve in the greenhouse, surrounded by the fragrant scents of what you have grown during the autumn and winter season.