Grow and Protect Your Plants All Year with an Alitex Greenhouse

By 29th juni 2020Blog
Looking after your plants all year

Have you ever come back after you have been on holiday to find that the hard work you put into raising your plants, has been damaged by an insufficient glasshouse? Without proper ventilation and shading during the hotter months, quite often we are left with half burnt and withered plants. The idea of a greenhouse should be that you can grow all year round, even in the harder, more extreme weather.

Alitex prides itself in providing an excellent growing environment, with durability that lasts a lifetime. Built to match the aesthetic of traditional Victorian greenhouses, there are a few considerations for your new greenhouse.


The siting of your greenhouse is the first thing to consider and can vary depending on your current garden landscape. Ideally, you want to situate the structure far from any trees to prevent any damage in wild weather.

In order to maximize your growing potentials, the structure should be south facing and not too shaded. This way you’ll get the most of the daylight and warmth when the sun is out. South facing structures are perfect for those who wish to grow fruits of all varieties.

Depending on the amount of space you have, you might also want to consider how close you want the structure to your main property. We suggest you take this into consideration because it can affect the way in which you water your plants. For structures that are situated far away from a main water source, we offer an internal reservoir that collects rain water from the gutters of your greenhouse. A sustainable and resourceful solution, so that you don’t have to carry a watering can around with you.


To combat the warmer months, we suggest fitting your greenhouse with our Fell External Shading. Our unique shades are fitted externally to the structure and run along the roof of the south elevation. The shade reduces light intensity and therefore plant scorch, helping to keep temperatures down in the heat of the summer. Read more about our shading se mere her


To deal with the cooler months, we have a variety of heating options that you might want to consider for your greenhouse, this will depend on the size of your structure and what you plan to grow. Create hotter climates for tropical plants in a smaller glasshouse with an Edwards Heater.

For slightly larger bespoke greenhouses our friends at Harrier Garden Developments provide clever internal heating systems depending on your requirements. Find out more about what options are available se mere her (link opens in new window).

Engineered with excellence, Alitex greenhouses are given a lifetime guarantee. Once you have decided on your final accessories and fittings, the structure is made in the UK, near the beautiful South Downs. Our experienced installers with deliver and build your greenhouse on site and once built you have a Victorian greenhouse you can enjoy for life.