Victorian Greenhouses; The Heart of a Kitchen Garden

By 30th juni 2020Blog
Kitchen garden - The Greenhouse at THE PIG Hotel

Frequently seen as the focal point of traditional Kitchen Gardens is a beautiful Victorian greenhouse. Historically, this would be where the majority of edible produce would be sourced. This is a concept that is becoming more and more important in today’s society as we all strive to source more locally. This is a particular trend that has picked up in not only individual privately owned estates but also in restaurants and hotels. Focusing on high quality ingredients, sustainable sourcing and flavorsome home-grown food is a big attraction factor.

The PIG hotels, a chain of hotels and restaurants based in beautiful destinations across South and West of the UK, showcase a variety of vegetables and plants in their greenhouses throughout the year. Such as chillis in the summer months, to baby salad leaves during the winter. An Alitex greenhouse provides the perfect growing environment for these grow-your-own restaurants and other individuals that want to get the most out of their produce and create a feature of their garden at the same time.

Although the size of your garden will somewhat dictate the size of your greenhouse, it doesn’t mean you are limited in what you can grow. We have listed some of the best things to incorporate into your kitchen garden and your greenhouse:

1. Grow Key ingredients

You can’t go wrong with growing some staple ingredients that you use daily. Early potatoes, spring onions and baby carrots are the perfect start for any new grower and are rewarding to harvest. Although it might be a little late to sow your potatoes now, onions and carrots can be sown from now until the end of Spring. Harvest in mid-to-late-summer and enjoy braised or lightly roasted in a summer salad.

2. Grow Unusual Edibles

If you’re feeling brave and want your kitchen garden to stand out, why not research into more interesting varieties of vegetables and fruits. We love Pine berries and Cucamelons. Cucamelons in particular are wonderful to grow as they shoot up vertically and will wind themselves round a pole. They can grow up to eight feet and are best kept inside the greenhouse to keep the delicate fruit protected from the elements.

3. Grow for flavor

Fill your greenhouse with fragrant herbs and spices you can collect at any time to pop in your favorite dishes. This is an ideal task for Autumn when the greenhouse is looking a little less busy. Introduce Mediterranean herbs such as Sage, Thyme and Flat-leaf Parsley among many others that thrive in a greenhouse environment.

With a durable, powder-coated aluminium frame and a dual ventilation system, Alitex greenhouses enable you to grow all year round. With the addition of heaters, cold frames and other accessories, you can tailor your greenhouse completely to your requirements.

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