Welcome to Alitex, Home of Luxury Victorian Greenhouses

At Alitex Greenhouses, we understand the importance of a Victorian greenhouse fulfilling the criteria for your gardening needs. Fundamentally, we also understand that your structure must visually complement your garden and home environment.

Our luxury Victorian aluminium greenhouses are able to create the perfect growing environment that is not only beautiful, but is also engineered for lifetime durability, regardless of your location. The use of this modern material makes an Alitex Greenhouse virtually maintenance-free, whilst emulating the timeless classic look and feel of traditional timber Victorian greenhouses.

Alitex Heritage

Alitex was founded in 1952, and since the beginning we have been working towards designing, engineering and manufacturing the most beautiful Victorian greenhouses.

We work with the finest British craftsmanship and materials to produce high quality and unique gardening spaces for our customers.

Building Luxury Victorian Greenhouses in Scandinavia and Switzerland

Regardless of requirements, we work closely with all our clients to ensure that our Kew Victorian Greenhouse collection or bespoke greenhouses fit the customer’s every need.

All Alitex greenhouses are designed, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain, in the heart of the picturesque South Downs in Hampshire.

Our office is staffed by a team of expert greenhouse designers. We work together closely with the UK office to ensure that your Alitex greenhouse is manufactured to the highest quality and standards of strength.

Alitex greenhouse in sunny garden with netted flower beds

Kew Greenhouse Collection

Alitex and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have formed a unique partnership, grown from years of friendship and mutual understanding, which will help shape the future of greenhouses and the growing experience within.

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Custom Greenhouses

Since 1952 Alitex craftsmen have built thousands of greenhouses, all of which seamlessly complement the garden they live in and no matter the size, shape, color or unique features every greenhouse is designed with your gardening needs in mind.

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Bespoke British-made glasshouses from Alitex USA
Benching inside lean-to greenhouse (Alitex greenhouse accessories)

Greenhouse Accessories

All greenhouses deserve to be fitted with the finest growing accessories, to create the perfect year-round growing environment. The right layout together with a range of benching, shelving and plant support equipment will help you to achieve the ideal space to maximize your growing potential.

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