Greenhouse Cold Frames

Alitex cold frames have been beautifully designed to be in keeping with the traditional style of your greenhouse. They also enhance the effectiveness of your growing environment. The frames are virtually maintenance free due to being constructed in robust aluminium and powder coated in a colour of your choice to match or complement your greenhouse.

The cold frames provide an additional frost-protected environment and create ideal conditions for hardening-off foliage propagated in the glasshouse. They are also suitable for starting off salad crops and over-wintering delicate shrubs.

Using the cold frames is made flexible and easy with the use of metal props on rollers either side of the frame. Whilst also acting as a safety catch, the metal props are adjustable in height. This allows you to benefit from more space, making it easier to access your plants. Ventilation is also flexible, with three different opening positions.

The cold frames are a maximum width of 0.9m but can be built to any length. They can be built to fit against your greenhouse, or as freestanding cold frames. A ground plan showing the required dimensions and tolerances will be prepared by Alitex and should be passed to your nominated builder for preparation of the brickwork.

Cold Frame Features

  • Made from robust aluminum
  • Maximum width ofย  0.9 the length can be customized
  • Fitted onto a brick wall base, they can be fitted against your greenhouse at the time of installation, or purchased separately and can be made free-standing for your garden
  • Powder coated to match or complement your greenhouse. Choose from our 13 standard colours, or request a custom colour – all we need is a RAL code*

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of the accessory

Cold Frame Vent Slides

If your cold frames are fitted against your greenhouse at the time of installation, vent slides allow warm air within the greenhouse to transfer into your cold frames.

The purpose of the vent slide is to create ideal conditions within the cold frame to harden off tender greenhouse plants gradually. Alternatively, use the additional warmth to get a head start on early spring seedlings.

The sliding vents are operated by using the handle, sliding them open or closed as required. The sliding vents are fitted to one side of the plinth wall, typically the outside side within the cold frames.

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