Internal Reservoir and Pump

The Alitex internal greenhouse reservoir collects rainwater from the roof and guttering. This keeps the water warmer which reduces the risk of thermal shock. The reservoir is supplied with a simple manual pump which enables easy retraction of water into your watering can.

The Alitex reservoir is made of robust construction and is fitted underneath the bench by discreetly sinking half into the ground, with half above. It holds 80 gallons of water which can be extracted using the manual pump.

Locating the reservoir under the bench protects the collected water from exposure to sunlight which helps reduce algae build up. Whilst rainwater is also soft, this can be a major advantage in hard water areas as many plants are averse to liming.

With an increasing awareness for sustainability, water conservation and becoming more self-sufficient, our reservoir is the perfect way to collect and harvest your rainwater. This also reduces the requirement for large external water butts.

* Please note: This item will need fitting at the time of the greenhouse installation.

Greenhouse Reservoir and Pump Features

  • Supplied and fitted with a manual pump for extracting water into your watering can
  • The internal reservoir holds up to 80 gallons of water which is collected from your greenhouse gutters
  • It is fitted underneath your greenhouse bench to keep it cool and save space, with half sunk into the ground, and half above ground
  • Sustainable solution to conserving rainwater for using in your greenhouse and around your garden
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