Greenhouse Heater

This robust electric greenhouse heater comes in brushed silver. It is constructed in a sturdy aluminium and is supplied with feet to ensure stability. It offers excellent thermal efficiency with a high capacity-circulating fan and requires a main electricity supply.

The fan heater has been designed specifically for the greenhouse environment; it is thermostatically controlled with variable settings and is splash water proof.

It provides 1.0kW, 1.8kW and 2.8kW of thermostatically controlled heat output.

Dimensions: length 16.14” x height 13.78” x diameter 9.05”

The introduction of a heater will allow more tender specimens to grow and will extend your growing season. Unlike other heating systems, a fan heater will not release extra unwanted moisture into the air. It will help to evenly spread warmth throughout the greenhouse, reducing the possibility of cold spots.

If you want to know how to use the heater, scroll down and watch our video on how to set the temperature, use the heating function and the ‘fan only’ setting to increase air circulation.

Greenhouse Heater Advice

  • Place your heater in an open, central spot at one end of your greenhouse.
  • Avoid aiming the heater directly at the foliage of your plants.
  • Good ventilation is essential to stop the spread of fungal diseases and maintain a healthy growing environment.
  • The heater will detect once your greenhouse reaches the targeted temperature and turn off, turning back on once the temperature cools again.
  • Turning off the heater when the vents are open will ensure you are not wasting valuable heat. It is important to open up the vents on warm sunny days, remembering to close them again before dusk to trap daytime warmth in your greenhouse.

How to Use the Greenhouse Heater

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