Traditional Greenhouse Benching

Alitex greenhouse benching is designed to provide maximum growing space whilst remaining traditional to the Victorian style. It is manufactured in strong, durable aluminium and can be powder-coated in a colour to match or complement your greenhouse.

Alitex benching is designed to provide maximum growing space whilst remaining traditional to the Victorian style. We optimise the depth of the bench according to your growing requirements and the space within the greenhouse. The height is ergonomically designed to be at waist level.

The structural composition combines strength and flexibility with elegant aesthetics. The attractive framework is manufactured using heavy cast aluminium legs and extruded aluminium sides. The deep sides allow the bench to be filled with Hydroleca; a moisture-retaining material which we provide for you, or you alternatively can use shingle, sand or decorative stone to finish the bench.

Tiered Benching

We also offer the option to have tiered display benching. This comprises two or three well spaced, strong shelves supported on long elegant legs. These are perfect for use as staging to create stunning plant displays.

These benches are used in a prominent position, enabling areas with lower light levels at the back of the greenhouse to be fully utilised.

Traditional Greenhouse Benching Features

  • A lower shelf is available to be fitted beneath the bench. This is great for pot and tool storage, or for plants that require shading and cooler environments
  • The flexibility in the design enables you to choose between free-standing benching that can be placed in the central area of the greenhouse, or supported benches that are fitted against the edges of your structure
  • The ornate benching has been designed to match the Victorian aesthetics of your structure
  • Made from low-maintenance aluminium, the benching will not rust and is ideal for damp atmospheres
  • The depth of the bench has been optimised with your growing requirements and greenhouse design in mind
  • It can be powder coated in a colour of your choice to match, complement or contrast with your greenhouse. Choose from our 13 standard colours, or request a custom colour – all we need is a RAL code*

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of the accessory

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