The Aiton Greenhouse

Size: 2.6m x 4m
The greenhouse covers 10.4mยฒ

The Aiton Greenhouse provides ample growing space. With additional length, you can maximize growing potential with a range of accessories. The door is located on the gable end, which leaves room for benching along each side. Alternatively, make use of the space with pots and built in beds. The greenhouse is manufactured from engineered aluminium which couples elegant design with durability and practicality.

Recommended accessories include high level shelving and our greenhouse light. High level shelving is positioned at the ideal height for plants that need direct sunlight. Our greenhouse light allows you to extend your time in the greenhouse when daylight hours are limited.

All of the Kew Collection Greenhouses are named after individuals that have influenced and shaped the history of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew. The Aiton Greenhouse is inspired by William Aiton, an English botanist and the first Director of Kew Gardens in 1759.

Features of the Aiton Greenhouse

  • Made from 90% recycled aluminium.
  • Low-maintenance, requiring little up-keep.
  • Temperature controlled automatic roof vents open and close using a bayliss piston system.
  • Fitted with 4mm toughened safety glass.
  • Side vents are positioned at the optimum height to create efficient air flow through the greenhouse.
  • We have a range of decorative features to choose from to enhance the Victorian style of your greenhouse including spike finials with cresting. Alternatively, for a more modern greenhouse, choose a ball finial without cresting.
  • Greenhouse colour choices include our 13 standard colours, or you can specify a custom colour* โ€“ all we need is the RAL code.

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of your greenhouse

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