Greenhouse Design

At Alitex we have an extensive history of designing and building beautiful Victorian greenhouses. Working on both personal and professional projects, our design expertise ensures we can create a greenhouse that fits exactly to your specification.

We will visit you at your home, or the site where you want the greenhouse to be located, to discuss your requirements. The design will consider what you want to grow, how big you want the structure and the architectural perspective. We will also discuss any other requirements you may have for your greenhouse, including: heating, water, electricity and accessories.

The Design Team use CAD (computer-aided design) software, which allows the greenhouse to be designed to the most detailed specification. Attention to detail is palpable in every aspect, from the cast aluminium spandrels to the cresting and finials. From these 3D drawings, the necessary information is produced to aid manufacture. With the CADโ€™s accuracy and repeatability, quality assurance is present throughout the entire process.

Alitex Design Team Drawings

Site Visit

Our experienced Sales Representatives will visit you at home, or on site, to provide a one-to-one consultation. They will observe your designated space, the environment of the location and discuss your growing requirements. Click here to find out more about our Scandinavian representative Lars ร˜ster Rosenqvist.

Greenhouse Pricing

The size, design and layout of your greenhouse will determine the price of your structure. After our representative has visited your site and the design details have been discussed, you will be sent several sketches that display a variety of possible ideas. The sketches will be accompanied with prices, allowing you to select the more favourable option to move forward with.

Siting Your Greenhouse

You may know exactly where you want to site your greenhouse, or you may be seeking advice on which spot will provide you with the ideal temperatures and sun exposure.

Many factors contribute to building your greenhouse in the ideal location:

  • Consider what you want to grow, how much light and heat is required to create the right environment.
  • Think about how much you want to be able to grow and what size your site can accommodate.
  • Observe the site relative to the position of the sunโ€™s path from East to West.
  • Consider the proximity of large trees around the site.
  • Survey the soil and levelness of the ground to see if it is suitable to accommodate the building works and foundations for your greenhouse.
  • Look at the surroundings of the site; see if it has enough shelter to protect against prevailing winds and frost.
  • Factor in how far the greenhouse would be from your house and how often you would be popping to and from to harvest vegetables and herbs to use in your kitchen.
  • Examine the possibility of getting power and water to the structure, for heating and lighting your greenhouse during the darker and colder seasons.