Ornamental Greenhouse Floor Grids

Alitex greenhouse floor grids are made from cast iron and over time will develop a surface rust when in contact with moisture. This never causes damage but will provide a weathered finish that ages beautifully. Floor grids can be used for decorative purposes to enhance the aesthetics inside your greenhouse, or as covers for underfloor heating or water pipes.

A great advantage of these Victorian floor grids is that they are non-slip, particularly when wet, making it a sensible yet attractive feature.

The grids should be installed during the early stages of your greenhouse project, when flooring and foundations are being built.

Alitex ornamental floor grids are available in two standard sizes:

11.8” x 47.2” and 23.6” x 47.2”

Ornamental Greenhouse Floor Grids Features and Uses

During the 19th and 20th Centuries the Victorians used floor grids, also known as floor grilles, to disguise heating pipes. Today, they are still an important feature used as heating covers, air vents, drainage covers and underfloor heating.

When used as covers for heating, they are set on top of a duct in which the heating pipes have been fitted. This allows the heat to rise through the grids to the plants, whilst also keeping paths dry and reducing algae and mould growth.

Another practical feature is that water can be poured through the grates. The water then falls on the heating pipe and in turn evaporates, creating high humidity levels.

They also offer a warm place for standing seed trays which will encourage healthy root growth and early development.

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