Project and Build Management

Project Management

After placing your order, you will be assigned a Project Manager to ensure your greenhouse is manufactured and installed to schedule. They will be your main point of contact throughout your journey.

Working with Sub-contractors

Your Project Manager will work closely with our Scandinavian Representative, offering support to your sub-contractors to help them complete their portion of the project. This may entail site work with a landscaper, building the foundation and knee wall, electrical and heating work, and the irrigation setup.

Manufacturing Your Greenhouse

Following the design work, CAM (computer aided manufacture) allows the design model to be used to machine aluminium extrusions โ€“ the accuracy from this software is transferred to the machine.

Quality control is in place throughout the factory to oversee the arrival of stock, the machining and during the painting and packing process. Each station has its own quality control checks to reduce the likelihood of inaccuracy.

Installing Your Greenhouse

Once your greenhouse is manufactured, it will be carefully wrapped and loaded into a secure container.

Before your greenhouse is shipped, our Scandinavian Representative will visit your site to measure your foundation and measure the base built by the contractor. This is an integral part of the process as it eliminates any possible site problems or delays when it comes to installing the greenhouse.

Once the greenhouse has been shipped, our experienced installation team will fly out to meet the shipment and unload the container. We never sub-contract our projects as it is critical for Alitex greenhouses to be built by our trained and professional technicians, allowing us to guarantee your structure for life.

Our team will then perform a walk through, showing you how to use the different features and ensuring you are satisfied. Your Project Manager will then reach out for the final sign off.