The Chambers Greenhouse

Size: 2.6m x 4m
The greenhouse covers 10.4mยฒ

The Chambers has a flat fronted lobby, which creates a focal point drawing your eye to the greenhouse. This is perfect for adding extra detail to your garden. While ideal in size for smaller garden environments, the internal layout offers ample growing space, which can be customised with various benching configurations.

To make the most of your growing space, our greenhouse shelves are positioned at eaves height and optimised for plants that require higher levels of sunlight. This allows you to utilise the space on your bench for seedlings and younger plants. For watering your plants, our reservoir and pump are the perfect solution. Rain water is collected in the gutters and transferred automatically into the reservoir. You can then pump this into your watering can and use on the plants around your garden.

All of our greenhouses are built to last in durable, low-maintenance engineered aluminium, with 90% sourced in the UK. We design and manufacture all of our greenhouses in the same location, at our HQ in Hampshire, UK.

Sir William Chambers designed The Great Pagoda at Kew, which still stands today as 250 steps leading to pure spectacular views across London. We chose to name this greenhouse in his honour, our most popular medium sized greenhouse with a flat fronted lobby.

Features of the Chambers Greenhouse

  • A flat fronted central lobby creates a focal point to draw your eye into the glasshouse.
  • Our ethos is to ensure that we manufacture sustainable greenhouses. They are manufactured from 90% recycled aluminium.
  • Low-maintenance, requiring little up-keep.
  • The side vents are placed in the optimum position regarding the location of the structure โ€“ they are at bench height to ensure efficient air flow circulates the greenhouse.
  • The roof vents are automatically controlled using a bayliss piston system that opens and closes the vents depending on the temperatures inside and outside of the greenhouse.
  • The greenhouse will be powder coated in a colour of your choice. Choose from our range of 13 standard colours, or for something a little different the greenhouse can come in any colour of your choice.*

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of your greenhouse.

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