The Burton Greenhouse

Size: 2.6m x 5m
The greenhouse covers 13mยฒ

In our Kew Greenhouse Collection, The Burton Greenhouse is the largest with a gable door entry. It is surprisingly spacious! Providing the option for benching along either side, create a highly productive area for growing and showcasing your latest projects. Like all of our greenhouses, The Burton has been designed with you in mind. We ensure each aluminium greenhouse is built to the highest quality, whilst remaining low-maintenance and beautiful.

With long sides for benching, we recommend protecting your plants with our specially designed blinds. Our greenhouse shades have been optimised to control heat and light levels. They are fitted to the outside of the structure to prevent the glass from heating up, whilst the design will protect your plants against scorching.

All of our Kew greenhouses have been named from the inspiration that lies within the history of the British botanical gardens. The Burton Greenhouse is named after Decimus Burton. Burton was a leading English architect of the 19th century, and designer of the iconic Palm House at Kew Gardens.

Features of the Burton Greenhouse

  • Made from 90% recycled aluminium.
  • Low-maintenance, requiring little up-keep.
  • Automatic roof vents designed to open and close using a temperature controlled bayliss piston system.
  • Fitted with 4mm toughened safety glass.
  • Manual side vents are positioned at the optimum height to create efficient air flow throughout the greenhouse.
  • Cast aluminium spandrels are beautifully engineered whilst providing structural integrity to the greenhouse.
  • All Alitex greenhouses are available in a wide range of colours. Choose from our 13 standard colours, or you can specify a custom colour* โ€“ all we need is the RAL code.

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of your greenhouse.

If the Burton Greenhouse appeals to you, reach out to our friendly team for more details.

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