Potting Shoe

A favourite of the professional gardener, this stoutly constructed potting shoe sits perfectly on an Alitex traditional bench. It is designed to enable fast and efficient filling of pots, allowing compost to be kept in a manageable area.

The design slopes up at the back allowing a bank of compost to be stored towards the rear, giving you room to maneuver at the front. Removable timber slats at the front allow for easy cleaning and filling. The potting shoe has handles on the side, making it easy to move when not in use.

The potting shoe can be powder-coated in any of our standard colours to match or complement your greenhouse.

Dimensions: width 800mm x depth 700mm x height 300mm

Potting Shoe Features

  • Designed to improve efficiency for filling pots and transferring plants
  • Keeps the soil in a contained area and reduces the likeliness of waste
  • You can save space by being able to move the potting shoe around the greenhouse
  • Manufactured in aluminium and powder coated in a colour of your choice. Choose from our 13 standard colours, or request a custom colour – all we need is a RAL code*

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of the accessory

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