Strawberry Boards/High Level Shelving

Alitex high level shelving, also known as strawberry boards, are the perfect place to start early spring seedlings and for plants that prefer direct sunlight. The concept of the strawberry board dates back to the heyday of growing in a Victorian glasshouse. Nowadays these boards are more than just about growing strawberries. Having your plants closer to the glass can increase the light intensity up to 50%, which in return can affect the plants’ growth rate.

The shelves are made from molded aluminium extrusions and are fitted using cast aluminium supports. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be custom-made to fit your greenhouse space.

You can choose to mount the shelves along the eaves, the gable or the rear wall of your structure. Each option adds valuable extra space during the busy growing season. The shelving places the plants closer to the glass, providing a higher impact from the sun’s rays. This is particularly useful on cloudy days.

Shelf Dimensions

Option 1 – Depth: 300mm for shelves along the side of the greenhouse

Option 2 – Depth: 358mm for shelves fitted on the gable end of the greenhouse

Length: Variable depending on the greenhouse size

Greenhouse Shelving Features

  • Made from molded aluminium extrusions and fitted using cast aluminium supports
  • The shelves can be mounted along the eaves, the gable or the rear wall of your greenhouse
  • Available in two depths and variable lengths
  • Powder coated to match or complement your greenhouse colour. Choose from our 13 standard colours, or request a custom colour – all we need is a RAL code*

* Custom colours cost an additional fee, standard colours are included within the price of the accessory

If you’re looking to speed up the growth of your plants, or bring on early spring seedlings, placing them on Alitex’s high level shelving will provide higher light intensities, making more energy available for plant photosynthesis processes to take place.

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