A Colorful Season

By 27th October 2020Blog
Autumn Colours around the greenhouse

In October the garden transforms from green to wonderful autumn colors dominated by yellow, orange and red. The cold, crisp mornings leave dew on the Dahlias. Colorful cabbages, pumpkins, carrots, and artichokes are ready to use in stews, soups, and pies to keep you warm in the Autumn months.

The beauty of owning an Alitex Greenhouse means the season is nowhere near the end – make the most of the space during the Halloween season and carve pumpkins with the kids. Try and minimize waste by using the inside pumpkin meat for a coconut- cream soup.

Create tasty salads from harvested cabbages , tomatoes and basil and toast the leftover pumpkin seeds to put on top. If you have grown artichokes this year, peel the leaves one by one – the artichoke heart in the bottom of the leaf is delicious when dipped in sauce tartare – a true French delicacy. Complement the colder weather with some warm elderflower drinks, or a glass of red wine.

Autumn vegetable plot

Begin your greenhouse journey by contacting us for a visit. We will be able to show you how a Victorian greenhouse enables you to enjoy gardening all year round regardless of the weather. Find inspiration for your greenhouse with previous projects we have worked on.

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